Are You Teachable?

Its crazy, what we do to ourselves. We can say we have dreams, goals, and ambitions, but when it comes time for our shoes to hit the pavement, we curl up with our favorite blanket and take a nap.


I attended a Leadership Summit last weekend. Drove hours to get there and shared a room with those who were mostly strangers to me. The one massage that kept screaming in my ear was. BE TEACHABLE. BE COACHABLE.

For years, I have attempted to do things on my own and “my way.” Yes, I acheived some success, with a LOT of work. My inability to listen to my coaches and those professionals who know the ropes held me back. I’ve learned many lessons, but the main one is to be coachable.

When I have a client who tells me they want me to coach them to better health, then balks at every  suggestion I make, I begin to wonder-how badly do they really want to change? If we expect different results from the same daily actions, then things won’t change.


Where could you be more teachable? Get off the couch, take a few steps, listen to those who have experience, and make the changes necessary to move forward.


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