Are You Teachable?

Its crazy, what we do to ourselves. We can say we have dreams, goals, and ambitions, but when it comes time for our shoes to hit the pavement, we curl up with our favorite blanket and take a nap.


I attended a Leadership Summit last weekend. Drove hours to get there and shared a room with those who were mostly strangers to me. The one massage that kept screaming in my ear was. BE TEACHABLE. BE COACHABLE.

For years, I have attempted to do things on my own and “my way.” Yes, I acheived some success, with a LOT of work. My inability to listen to my coaches and those professionals who know the ropes held me back. I’ve learned many lessons, but the main one is to be coachable.

When I have a client who tells me they want me to coach them to better health, then balks at every  suggestion I make, I begin to wonder-how badly do they really want to change? If we expect different results from the same daily actions, then things won’t change.


Where could you be more teachable? Get off the couch, take a few steps, listen to those who have experience, and make the changes necessary to move forward.

Quick Tip – Professional Social Media Interaction

I am a member of several “Mom’s Groups” on Facebook.  These groups are awesome venues for mom’s to get together and offer support, advice, and company to each other, HOWEVER… these groups are also TRAPS for those who wish to SPAM the other members. 😦

Many of these groups have rules that you can only post your business information on a certain day.  This is to eliminate the constant SPAMMING and contain it to a single day.  What this causes is a member’s news feed to be filled with seemingly USELESS plugs for individual businesses.  “Call me to buy my product because its superior”  “Call me because I need the money”  “Call me, because I was here first and I want YOUR sale”…

BE A PROFESSIONAL!  I too offer my information on the designated business posts day, however, I always attempt to add something of value. I try to add some advice or information that can provide a service (whether they purchase my products or not) to anyone reading them.

As a professional sales person, I am not interested in a single sale. I AM INTERESTED in building lasting relationships with people looking to improve their lives through the products and services I have available.  Therefore, instead of spamming my online store site, I frequently offer health tips, business tips, links to blogs on how to improve their health or a particular topic that I have seen others inquire on during the last week.

When we are more interested in being of service and in honoring the other people on these sites, then we are doing business the RIGHT way, the PROFESSIONAL WAY.  Nobody likes to be spammed, so don’t spam people!


 1.  Read ALL THE RULES for the group and follow them. Admins don’t want to chase down rule breakers all day long.

2.  Add something of value to your posts. A helpful tip, a fun graphic, something they can use.

3.  Interact with the members of the group more than just spamming them once a week.  See what they are interested in and offer advice.

4.  Support other group members when you can.  Vouch for their personality, their service, their work ethics and their products.

5.  Be courteous to all on the page.  When we work together for the good of the Network Marketing industry, we move ahead as a team, not just as a lone individual.

What are you reading?

As a business professional it is important that I keep “Sharpening the Saw.”  Many opportunities present themselves daily for us to learn and improve, but we must also strive to improve our attitudes, show us new ways that are working for others, and provide us with motivation and additional skills!

When you think of a professional athlete.  The tippy-tippy-top of the top crop, they never stop learning.  These amazing athletes watch films of other athletes to learn new techniques and to be prepared on how to handle different situations while in the heat of the game.  They work with coaches and team mates to improve on a daily basis.  They STUDY HOW TO BE THE BEST from the best.reading

What you read, just like who you hang around with, will become part of who you are!  You don’t have to spend a ton of cash, stop by the library and pick up a couple of amazing books.  You can also find some great stuff at Network Marketing Pro – reading materials and thousands of videos to assist the Network Marketer, both old and new.

What are you reading today to improve your tomorrow?

Diarrhea of the Mouth – Keep it Professional

Its easy to get excited about your new adventure! You are so proud of your decision and you’ve studied all the materials and watched all the videos so you can know everything there is to know, just in case someone asks you that ONE question.

But they don’t ask you that question.  Your prospect/friend/brother never gets the chance to ask you.  Instead of listening to what they have to say. Instead of asking questions to discover their actual needs, you spew into the diarrhea of information and it all comes tumbling out faster than you ever intended and after 30 or so minutes of your spewing 2 weeks of training materials you’ve either chased off a potential client, OR they make a single purchase to get you off their porch and never purchase from you again.  And… to top it off, they may avoid you so that they don’t have to listen about how AWESOME your products are. (Even though they really ARE that great.)

STOP! I know you are bursting with excitement! (I’ve been there!) Perhaps, if you simply ask your friend/brother/prospect a few questions and LISTEN to the answer they may already know all they need to purchase from you and to become lifelong clients.  When we stop focusing on OUR NEED TO SELL and begin focusing on WHAT OUR FRIENDS ACTUALLY NEED, we are a much greater service to others needs.

Diarreha of the Mouth

Take five, take a breath, relax, enjoy the company of your prospect, get to know them, begin building a relationship. When we know what the client really needs and wants, when we take time to discover their desires, the answer could just be what you have to offer, and when your prospect discovers this (NOT WHEN YOU TELL THEM) on their own, you are much more likely to be successful!

Hello world!

Welcome to my world.  If you’ve stumbled upon my site, its just simply an outlet for me as I journey through life and work to walk with Him.  Some days may include humor, others not.  My goal is that everyday be a day of gratitude!

Make it a GREAT day! (Here’s a link to Point of Grace’s “Love & Laundry”)